Jesus Christ is Your Only Hope

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That person and what He did on the cross, Jesus Christ the righteous. That’s our confidence. Ya, we’ve got a real good lawyer, we have Jesus Christ the righteous.


I like a Savior, that really got the job done. And dealt with my sins. If any man sins, we’ve got to remember, we’ve got an advocate, don’t worry about what you’ve done or haven’t done. You’ve got to look to the Savior. You’ve got an advocate. Without Him we are in all sorts of trouble with the living God. We've have got the best of lawyers. He never lost a case. He never failed. Jesus Christ, the righteous.

No it’s not a matter of what we’ve done, you couldn’t go over there and join with those in the jungles of Africa and offer pigs and chicken for your sin; it wouldn’t do you a bit of good. You could go down on the Andes’ Mountains and offer young virgins for your sin, that wouldn’t do any good. You could offer rivers of oil and thousands of beasts, and that wouldn’t do any good Micah says. You could go and win a thousand souls for Christ and that wouldn’t do you any good, to find favor with God, to find a reprieve from God. There is nothing, nothing!

And so we’ve got to come to Christ, Nothing in my hand I bring, nothing Lord! There is no hope of me ever standing before the living God, on that great day, apart from what you are and what you’ve done. Christ and Him crucified, that’s the glorious gospel. It’s not a matter of who did what, it’s the matter of a person, and so we are putting our trust in Jesus Christ. That person and what He did on the cross, Jesus Christ the righteous. That’s our confidence. Ya, we’ve got a real good lawyer, we have Jesus Christ the righteous.

Who knew no sin, He did no sin, He had no sin, in Him there was no sin! He walked a perfect life, He died a perfect death, He rose again with mighty power. Jesus said “It’s finished.” (John 19:30) and God says “It’s well done,” and He raised Him from the grave. Seated Him at His right hand, with all authority and put everything in His hand. He’s the man, Jesus from Nazareth, He’s been given authority over all flesh to give eternal life to as many as the Father has given Him. And I am saying “Lord Jesus, I trust, I believe, I do believe that you died for me.” “You really did propitiate and remove the wrath of God!” “And bold shall I stand in that great day, because of what Jesus did.” Greater love has no man then this, that a man lay down his life for his friend. That is the greatest manifestation of the love of God towards you as believer. “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my life, my soul, my all!” You know, that Jesus would personally die for me, personally.” C.T. Studd says “If Christ be God and died for me, there’s no sacrifice to great for me to make for Him.”

You’ve gotta flee from the wrath to come! And say “Lord Jesus I believe, I believe you died for sinners, I believe you died for sinners just like me, I’m headed for hell, with no reason you should take me to heaven, but I’m trusting that you died and really did pay that sin debt.” That’s the gospel. The good news... is that although I’m a sinner deserving of hell, I right now can stand perfect and have favor in the sight of God! That’s the good news. Because of what Jesus did. Glory to God! and Glory to the Lamb forever! To Him be glory power, honor, and dominion forever and ever, because of what He did.