There Ought Not To Be Silence On Our Lips

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This message has to do with the Son of God this pre-existent eternal son of the living God. That’s what this is all about. It’s not about God suggesting quick fixes for marriage. You know, a lot of religion says: Come over to our church and we’ve got we’ve got some module that is going on right now about how to fix this and fix that. Get your finances right. Listen, the heart and soul and I’m not saying that if you get saved those things don’t get set right. But if we’ve got a gospel, we’ve got good news. It’s not that I got the way to make your financial problems go away, which is what a lot of people want to say today. Folks, we got a message that concerns Jesus Christ and how a man can deal with their sins and how a man can escape the wrath of God and get the glory because of who Christ is and what he did. That’s good news. And if our message is not clear, if it’s foggy, if it’s not dealing with that, then we’re not preaching this very gospel message that Paul preached. So folks, we live in a world where people believe that they believe all sorts of things. And we need to be clear. We need to be clear. Romans 1:15 you read down a little bit. Next thing Paul says here, I’m eager to preach the gospel to you also, who are in Rome The gospel is going to be preached. That’s another thing he says here. Nobody believes in Christ that they have not heard in. And I just ask you this. Who’s going to tell them? Let me think with me. The only message that truly offers men and women hope it doesn’t matter what you are, Greek, barbarian wise, or foolish, you’re Gentile, you’re British, you’re Chinese. You know what? There is simply no other hope. Do you recognize eternal hell? Eternal fire, eternal torment. What’s the only hope of escape? Faith in Christ. We’ve got that message. There’s no other hope. And brethren, we can’t just sit at home or in our, you know, on our rear ends or hide away in our little church building. We’ve got to get out there in the midst of these people and proclaim the gospel of God, which concerns this eternal son of God. And the thing is, brethren, we know there are all sorts of different messages out there. You get people that claim to be Christian, but they’re preaching something else. And you’ve got a lot of people that don’t even claim to be Christians, and they’ve got all sorts of manner in which they’re wanting to give hope to men. There’s how we look, all advertising every. Everybody’s coming along and saying, eat their food and buy that car. Do this thing. Go on holiday over here. And you’ll be satisfied. You’ll be happy then… that’s all around us. We’re being flooded by this. We live in a world this is many, many ways to to safety, many ways to pleasure, many ways to satisfaction. We have people preaching many ways to God. There’s no lack of that. There’s no lack of people out there that have some sort of good news. Supposedly no shortage of ideas, no shortage of theories. Listen: That’s exactly the kind of social setting that we all live in. We recognize that brethren, we have and we have that one message that deals with men and women. Right where their greatest need is. I mean, look, the greatest realities in the world. What are they? They are God. They are death, life, Christ. The Cross. Hell. Eternity. Judgment day. Faith. Sin. I mean, these things have to do with every one of us. And there are NOT a lot of ways to deal with sins. There are numerous ways to God. I mean, Jesus is not one among many gods. There is salvation in no one else! Isn’t that what Scriptures tell us? Acts 4:12 – No other name given under heaven among men whereby we must be saved. There is one way and there’s only one way. And we got to proclaim it. We’ve got to preach it. Look it is the only way that people are going to come to a place of salvation. Then there ought not to be silence from our lips.

Taken from: The Righteous Shall Live By Faith (Habbakuk Part 2) – Tim Conway