Evangelistic Responsibility Of The Church: Go!

What is the evangelistic responsibility of the church? Are you obeying the command to go and evangelize? Maybe I can help encourage you to pursue one more soul for Christ rather than have yourself excused from evangelism based on some idea that your personality is not by nature one to go evangelize.

0:00 – Pursue one more soul for Christ.
1:24 – Text – Luke 14, considering two verbs and who they apply to.
4:45 – What if the servants all alike began to make excuses on why not to evangelize?
7:15 – [Tim stops and prays for help.]
7:34 – Self-reflect on how involved you and I are in reaching out to the lost?
9:30 – How will you try to dodge this responsibility?
18:06 – The evangelism of the demoniac and the woman at the well.
24:26 – Acts 8, the ordinary’s got scattered.
32:48 – What am I trying to convince you of?
56:13 – What is the Gospel?
57:21 – Have we disengaged from the world too much?
58:04 – Do you think often about the fate of the damned?
1:02:47 – Do you hesitate because you’ve lost your first love?
1:05:16 – Jim Elliot quote.
1:06:08 – Is your goal in living to have the greatest possible impact that you can?
1:08:28 – Closing prayer.