Is It Okay To Cut Ties With Toxic Family Members?

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What does the bible say about cutting ties with toxic family members who are having a negative effect on us?

0:00 – Reading the young ladies’ question.
01:52 – How would you answer her question?
04:34 – Where does the Bible say to avoid someone else?
06:02 – 2 Thessalonians 3
07:13 – Titus speaks about avoiding people.
13:49 – Consider the principle in 1 Peter 3.
22:43 – Think of the importance of honoring your parents.
25:09 – Protecting your children from sexual abuse.
30:53 – Protecting children and yet being evangelistic to the lost.
36:15 – Tim again emphasizes the father’s responsibility.
37:36 – What about when you are submitting to multiple authorities?
43:42 – Tim speaks about the early days of trying to evangelize his old friends.