Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

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Before we can properly understand the Sermon on the Mount, we must understand the beatitudes; and in particular, we need to understand the first beatitude: poor in spirit. Poverty of spirit is the soil in which all the other beatitudes grow. It’s the first truth that must be believed in order to open the door for other spiritual truths. Most importantly, being poor in spirit is the characteristic of those who will go to heaven when they die. Are you poor in spirit or proud in spirit?


0:00 – Logo Intros
0:09 – Open to Matthew Chapter 5 – The Beatitudes
1:20 – Opening Prayer
2:23 – What does “blessed” mean?
7:52 – Are the promises of the beatitudes a) present, b) future, c) both?
10:12 – Christ is not commanding anything in this sermon, but he is indicating what is true.
13:02 – We all have to come face to face with the sermon on the mount.
14:52 – What is it to be poor in spirit?
28:17 – People often refuse a gospel tract by saying, “I am good.”
30:21 – The lost always find someone they think they are better than.
31:58 – Disney movies often teach you to trust and believe in yourself.
33:24 – God is the ultimate reason why we come to a correct perception of ourselves.
38:53 – What is the Law meant to do? (1 Timothy, Romans 7)
42:12 – This first beatitude is essential for everything else to come to fruition. We have to keep going back to this matter of being poor in spirit.
46:30 – This first blessing is unlike the others in that it is an absence, rather than the presence of a praiseworthy quality.
47:55 – Jesus does not put purity first but spiritual poverty.
53:17 – Can you say what Peter said in John 6?
56:25 – Conclusion – What if this does not describe you? How do you become poor in spirit?
1:06:45 – Closing Prayer