Blessed Are The Merciful

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The Lord Jesus Christ taught that heaven will be inherited by people who are merciful. At the same time, we need to understand that Jesus’ teaching in no way contradicts the reality of salvation by grace. So how do we reconcile these truths; namely that we’re saved by grace, and yet there’s a requirement that our life be a life of mercy for us to go to heaven? The answer to this question is vital because it will test whether or not our faith is genuine.

0:00​ – Logo Intros
0:14​ – Start of Sermon – Matthew Chapter 5 – Blessed are the merciful.
3:07​ – What the Greek lexicons say about the definition of mercy.
4:02​ – What is the distinction between grace and mercy?
7:07​ – The lost world is not merciful.
8:49​ – Job intentionally showed mercy to those in need.
11:44​ – In the beatitudes Jesus is describing what Christian character actually looks like.
14:40​ – Jesus was moved with compassion.
16:21​ – Christianity is something that controls us.
19:08​ – What are the beatitudes so heart searching?
21:37​ – Does the Bible speak about cause and effect? Getting mercy for showing mercy?
27:55​ – 1 Corinthians 15 – What is Grace?
35:47​ – Context of Luke 10 – The Good Samaritan
46:14​ – Luke 10, considering the parable.
57:38​ – Think of everyone you passed by on the way to church this morning?
1:06:05​ – How do we release such radical mercy as this?
1:08:33​ – Closing Prayer