Blessed Are The Persecuted

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When someone becomes a Christian, God gives them a transformed life and makes them righteous. But when they’re immersed in a world full of unrighteous people, a chemical reaction of persecution will occur. Jesus said that if the world hated Him, they will also hate His followers. Are you persecuted for following Jesus Christ? If so, rejoice and be exceedingly glad because you’re blessed.

0:00 – Logo Intros
0:12 – Start of the sermon – Introduction
2:42 – The last beatitude points to what quality?
5:00 – Illustration: My wife and I did not get persecuted at Tesco the other day.
9:40 – Why don’t you get persecuted?
14:58 – Troubled when Ravi Zacharias preached before Mormons and did not get persecuted.
18:40 – What does this beatitude not say?
31:14 – We make the world feel uncomfortable.
38:30 – Our lost family liked us better when we were lost.
45:45 – Tim shares about Leslie Smith’s boldness for Christ near the end of his life.
48:58 – How do you imagine Jesus to be? Do most Christmas songs rightly emphasize who He is?
54:14 – Jesus says, “for MY SAKE…” this is about doing and living for Christ.
58:32 – If you are enough like Christ and get persecuted for the Lord’s sake, you are blessed!
1:04:02 – Imagine if we could see the paradise to come.
1:05:48 – Closing Prayer