The Question A Christian Should Never Ask

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Jesus Christ came to inaugurate a Kingdom that consists of people who have been inwardly changed and made righteous. But we need to make a clear distinction between the righteousness that God produces in His people and the external righteousness of the Pharisees. We need to understand how these righteousness’s are different because one leads to heaven and one leads to hell.


0:00 – Logo Intro’s
0:09 – Introduction Matthew 5-7.
0:29 – Opening Prayer
1:27 – We Have a New Moses
4:17 – How would you sum up Christ’s life and ministry?
9:38 – What the sermon on the mount revolves around.
16:07 – What is the Kingdom of God/Heaven?
19:22 – Consider Mark 9:45
22:16 – The importance of Matthew 5:20.
25:10 – Are you a hearer only? Or do you obey Christ?
28:02 – Pre-conceived notions of Scripture make people not hear what God’s Word is saying.
31:44 – Does Jesus expect us to be righteous? Is this attainable?
36:50 – Difference on Indicative and Imperative Verbs
46:02 – Scribes and Pharisees always ask the wrong questions.
51:00 – The believer has an internal hunger to know God more and obey Him.
55:15 – Do you ask, “Can I do this or that?” Is your concern about the limit of your conduct?
1:02:54 – Where we will go in next week’s sermon.
1:07:52 – Closing prayer.