The Christian’s Secret Life (Part 5): Fasting in Secret

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What is Biblical fasting? What type of fasting causes God to act? In this section of Scripture, Jesus teaches not ‘if’ but ‘when’ the Christian fasts they must do it in secret, and the Father in Heaven will reward them.

0:00 – Logo intros.
0:10 – Matthew 6, dealing with fast.
3:27 – Why are certain churches not seeing people saved?
5:26 – More people talk about fasting for health reasons than for Biblical reasons.
6:38 – Fasting in the book of Esther.
9:01 – Fasting in 2 Samuel 12
11:39 – Fasting in Jonah
13:42 – How long should I fast for? What does the Bible say?
20:45 – Why should we fast? What is our motivation to fast?
35:55 – With a promise like this, how can you not fast?
37:05 – Even wicked Ahab fasted and the Lord heard him.
41:39 – What type of fasting does God take no notice of?
46:50 – Are you fasting for God?
54:11 – Zechariah 7-8 we need God to arise.
1:02:23 – Closing prayer.