The Christian’s Secret Life (Part 4): Forgiving Others

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Out of all the prayer guidance Jesus gives in His sermon on the mount, there is only one topic that He goes back to: forgiveness. Unforgiveness is no small sin, God treats it as a crime worthy of hell, and anyone who professes Christ must avoid the rotten root of unforgiveness and bitterness.

0:00 Logo Intros
0:10 – Matthew 6.1-18 is a section dealing with our life in secret.
3:13 – Opening prayer.
4:26 – The context is dealing with our life in secret.
13:45 – Jesus makes four assumptions about us.
19:52 – Debt is something that I owe.
25:32 – Consider the Lord’s longest parable on forgiveness in Matthew 18.
35:50 – If you will not forgive others, that is the height of wickedness.
42:25 – We often categorize people and say we can forgive some but not others.
44:00 – If we don’t forgive, God will not forgive us?
50:18 – Forgiveness is a matter of faith.
59:13 – No one who experiences such forgivness will go choke their fellow servant.
1:08:24 – Closing prayer.