You Are The Light of The World

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One of Jesus’ well-known “I AM” statements was that He is the Light of the world (John 8:12). But we need to remember the amazing truth that by virtue of our union with Christ, He can then look at us and declare that WE are the Light of the world. Jesus doesn’t point to the brilliant scientists with sharp IQ’s and colossal intellects as the Light of the world. He doesn’t direct us to the people with the most power and money who control the affairs of our world. Jesus Christ looks at simple, humble, weak people who believe in Him and calls them the Light in this dark world.

0:00 – Illustration – A city on a hill in Nepal.
4:30 – What does the Bible say about light?
8:23 – Christians are lights in this dark and sinful world.
13:28 – Believer, you are the only true light.
15:14 – Does the lost world possess knowledge?
18:00 – A comment about Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist.
22:24 – R.C. Sproul tried to win Carl Sagan to the Lord.
27:23 – Jesus is saying that nobody but the Christian can give help regarding the most profound issues of life.
39:49 – The believer knows how to escape damnation and get right with God!
46:34 – Think about what Martin Luther was up against in his day.
49:00 – Consider your responsibility to do all you can to get the light out there.
50:20 – Isaiah chapter 49.
54:50 – Luke 2.
56:24 – Believer, YOU are the light of the world according to how these verses are quoted.