Blessed Are The Peacemakers (Part 2)

Category: Full Sermons

The world we live in is so full of strife, problems, division, and contention. But we need to remember that this doesn’t just happen in the world, but it can also creep into the church. And we as Christians need to be on guard against this and combat it. In summary, we need to be peacemakers. Christians are peacemakers, not troublemakers.

0:00 – Logo Intros
0:11 – All believers are peacemakers to some degree.
3:10 – Opening Prayer
3:42 – Tim apologizes for his lengthy sermons.
4:14 – Hebrews 12.14 – without peace, no one will see the Lord.
9:39 – A Theology of War: What is behind quarrels?
19:00 – Vaccines and masks – what about our differences?
30:25 – As much as it DEPENDS on you, strive for peace.
38:12 – Put the divisive people out of the church.
40:00 – Discussing church discipline.
44:10 – There MUST be divisions in the church.
48:31 – Supernatural help in a time of conflict.
50:13 – Guided by truth, not by emotion – Tim shares about almost leaving his old church.
52:13 – We need to be thick-skinned people who are not easily offended.
58:38 – Have you gone to the person who offended you?
1:04:74 – God is the Ultimate Peacemaker
105:51 – Closing Prayer