Blessed Are the Meek

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An essential characteristic of someone who wants to follow Jesus Christ and call themselves a Christian is meekness. When we think of meekness, it truly is a rare quality in this world. Meekness is a death blow to self and to our pride. Meekness is forgiving those who hurt us. In short, meekness is being like the Lord Jesus Christ.

0:00​ – Logo intros
0:12​ – Introduction
1:02​ – What does beatitude mean?
1:30​ – Consider the third beatitude today: blessed are the meek.
2:14​ – Opening prayer.
4:14​ – What does meekness mean?
9:33​ – Are you in the category of the blessed?
10:47​ – We cannot determine from Matthew 5 what meekness means.
14:20​ – Moses had meekness.
16:01​ – Meekness is found in the fruit of the Spirit and not to be equated with weakness.
30:09​ – Considering the living examples of meekness – Moses.
37:58​ – Meekness in Moses
46:32​ – Moses was attacked continually.
48:45​ – Jesus’ meekness.
53:52​ – People often misunderstand Jesus’ meekness.
1:03:17​ – What are the meek told to do?
1:04:55​ – What would those around you say about you?