Murder in The Heart

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Upon Jesus’ discourse in the Sermon on the Mount, He begins to deal with further issues of the heart, the first being ‘murder in the heart.’ Jesus does not hold back in the slightest when dealing with unrighteous anger and hatred. Four times Jesus warns of hell as the appropriate punishment for such a heart crime. As Christians, we are to avoid at all costs a slanderous and gossiping spirit and strive to maintain unity and love with other believers; it’s a matter of eternal life and eternal punishment.

Sermon on the Mount 0016
0:00 – Sermon text – Matthew 5.21-26
0:49 – Why be angry at the preacher if he is simply being faithful to the text?
5:11 – What court and judgment will the angry person face?
12:07 – Did Jesus ever get angry?
14:24 – Don’t miss the spirit of the law.
17:26 – The writers of the epistles make it clear that true Christianity is not some oppressive religion.
23:11 – For the Pharisee, it is all rigid motion.
24:57 – Where does the Bible talk about the judgment?
29:13 – What does this mean I can or should not say?
32:26 – Jesus shifts his focus to us not letting anything between others in our relationships.
38:30 – The cowardly are thrown in the lake of fire.
43:02 – Closing prayer.