Do Not Scoff at God’s Warnings

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The judgment of God is coming on this world, and rather than sending judgment with no warning, God is mercifully giving warnings of His coming judgment so that we can find refuge. And sadly, people interpret God’s delay of judgment to mean that there is no judgment to fear. Many people now mock and scoff when they hear of God’s judgment. But one day, the judgment they heard about so often will come, the scoffing and mocking will be silenced, and the opportunities of finding refuge will all be over. Do not scoff at God’s warnings.

The excerpt is taken from the full sermon, “Dying You Shall Die“.


You're going out of the world someday. That day with your number on it, it's coming. You're going to die. Where are you going? To what are you going to face on the other side? And God warns you. And He warns you by the flood. He warns you through Adam. He warns you through the Amorites. He warns you by Sodom and Gomorrah. He warns you through a double destruction of Jerusalem. He told those people the same thing. If you don't obey My voice, I am going to wipe you off the face of the earth. And they kept on and they kept on and they kept on. Can you imagine those prophets? One prophet after another, decade after decade, another prophet comes and warns: Death is coming. Destruction is coming. God is going to wipe you out. "Yeah, yeah, yeah... we've heard that before." "Kill that guy. Throw that guy in jail." "Where is it?" And they kept saying it. And it came. And the Babylonians came. And then it happened all over again. And even Jesus came and they killed Him. And then the Romans came. These things are warnings. He warns you in His Word. You must stand before Him and He is going to judge you in righteousness. Can you imagine those folks in Noah's day? See them. Hear them. Listen to them! That day, "Hey, Noah's not working on the ark anymore. The door's shut. Yeah, and the clouds are looking strange. It looks dark." And this was no ordinary rain. Something began to happen - something threatening. I'll tell you what had happened. Time ran out. It was over. Mercy was exhausted. God's patience had come to an end. And when those first drops of rain began to fall down, that door was shut. Remember how it says it in the Gospel? "And the door was shut." And those servants, those five virgins that were on the outside, when the door is shut, the door is shut. Today is the day of salvation. If you foolishly laugh and mock and play on and eat and drink and plant and marry, and that door gets shut and takes you, you're a fool. You were warned. This is a warning you want to take with the utmost of your attention. Imagine that! That door shut. God sealed them in. The one place of refuge... gone. If you let death take you and you're outside of Christ, it's gone. All hope is gone. Who is laughing then? I don't know. Some of them probably said we've got to get to high ground. Some probably banged and clawed on the side of that ark. It was all for naught. They were doomed. They had crossed the point of no return. There's no more safety. There's no more hiding place. It's too late. There was a place of salvation. God did provide a way of escape. They laughed at it. They ignored it. They ridiculed it. Christ is the ark. There is not another. When He comes, the door is shut. When you die, the door is shut. This excerpt was taken from the full sermon "Dying You Shall Die"