Do You Use Facebook to Platform Yourself as an Authority?

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Social media has become such a convenient platform for people to display themselves as an authority on certain matters. How many people use Facebook as a way to face themselves and confess what they really are?

The excerpt was taken from the full sermon, “Where is Adam?


It is so easy to debate theories and opinions. You just look at the Internet. Quite honestly, I just get - I don't even know what the proper adjective would be to look for as to how I feel every time I hear about all the stuff even some of the people from our own church are involved with on Facebook. Everyone vents. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone's an authority. And it's all so easy. Social justice. "We're going to be the authority." Election. Calvinism. Miracles. Cessationism. Eschatology. We're going to be the authorities. And everybody wants to fix everyone else. And you know this. And how easy it is for people to spew forth their opinions on all sides of a matter. But it's much more difficult to face yourself. Oh, God give us some people on Facebook who say I'm not here to banter about this thing or that thing or the other. I was in prayer the other day and God showed me I'm not a good wife. I failed as a mother. The Lord showed me I'm not so honest as I thought. He's convicted me of anger or resentment. You see, you don't see that, do you? That's not what people want to talk about. But that's what God would have us do - face ourselves. Adam, where are you? How'd you get there? What have you done? This excerpt is from the full sermon: Where is Adam?