Paul Washer’s Recent Heart Attack

No doubt most have heard by now that on Monday night brother Paul Washer suffered a heart attack and was in critical condition. It was very sobering news to hear.  I heard the news via a text message from a friend. At the time I was in my backyard assembling a play set for my children. At that moment what I was engaged in felt so mundane in view of the reality of the nearness of death. I then looked down at the grass and thought as 1 Peter 1:24 says, “All flesh is like grass.”  Paul’s flesh, and all of our flesh, it is like grass and can so quickly be scorched, whither up and be wasted away.

Some may remember what Paul had shared about his father in a testimony he had given:

My father and I began to have a really…a better relationship…. And one day we were working on the ranch. I just turned 17 and we were running barb wire… And we were talking as we were walking along, we were even laughing, we were having a good time, and all of a sudden he screamed. And when he screamed I caught him and we both fell to the ground and when I rolled him over he was dead. He had died of a massive heart attack.

Here his own father had died of a heart attack.  Yet we can praise the Lord that Paul is currently in “stable condition”.  We can pray for him with anticipation that he has not yet fully “served the purpose of God in his own generation” (Acts 13:36) and will yet have more time to labor for the Lord Jesus.

HeartCry is giving updates on Paul’s situation via his twitter account and their facebook page. I have embedded some of those below.

One of Paul’s pastors wrote:

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