Useful Because of Weakness

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The futile cultures focus on men being strong in their own strength. Yet for the Christian, Jesus says His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Men’s Retreat Part 3

0:00 – Reading text and opening prayer.
3:19 – Start of the sermon.
5:21 – As a leader, you bring the asset of weakness to the table.
7:13 – Context – Why Paul does not lose heart in the ministry.
17:39 – What is the purpose of weakness?
23:05 – God intends to make you weaker.
27:11 – We need to reinterpret our experience and view it correctly.
33:30 – Carrying in our body the death of Jesus?
38:15 – Ryan speaks about the early days of their church and the difficulties.
44:0 – Closing prayer.