Thin-Skinned Christians Ruin Churches

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One of the worst things a church can have is people who are thin-skinned and easily offended. May God keep us from ever manifesting such un-Christ-like characteristics.


Do you know it is a massive mercy of God that this church has not suffered any major split. It's the mercy of God. But I'll tell you this, it being a mercy of God does not mean that we should take any other posture than what Paul's calling for, to fight for it. Because I'll tell you this, the Spirit of God works through your fight, and you don't fight this battle with sword. You fight this battle with all humility and gentleness with patience, bearing with one another - bearing! We're not thin-skinned. Thin-skinned Christians ruin and wreck churches. You're people who are tolerant. You're people who have thick skins. You're not easily offended. You're not squealing and running around all the time. You're not wagging your tongues all the time.