Cussing Christians?

Tim discusses three predominate errors that are being used to justify cussing as being fine.
1. To reach people, we need to use their language.
2. For someone to speak against professing Christians using profanity is being legalistic.
3. Someone says “Well, I don’t speak profanity, I only allow it in the music I listen to, and it doesn’t affect me.

I’ll get right to the point tonight. This question I want to deal with tonight is not one that was submitted from outside it’s actually one that I just feel like desperately needs to be dealt with. Several things have happened recently. I had a one of the brothers in the church, tell me that he got a ride from another young man that attends this church on a regular basis. And he said he was shocked to get in his car, and he’s taking him somewhere, and hear this guy playing rap music, a professing Christian, a professing new believer, playing rap music with foul language. And I think he was surprised, and he challenged the guy about it, and the guy believed that he had Christian liberty.

And then now I’m I think another one of the young men in the church, I inadvertently overheard something he was playing in his car. Same kind of thing. And I know that when Tawfiq was questioned in the Q&A that we had for him, before holding the election for him for eldership at Grace. One of the questions that was brought up that afternoon, I asked him straight up how he would deal, as an elder, with young men in the church that listened to music with foul language, and he said that he would use a Matthew 18 process.

And somebody asked him a question, “Well what if that individual says, ‘I’m not doing it myself and I’m not affected by it in the music I listen.’” And the the concern was that Tawfiq could be legalistic to insist that it was sin for somebody to listen to music that has that kind lyric…