How Do We Live in the World Without Being Worldly?

In this video, Tim deals with the question: How do we live in the world without being worldly?

0:00 – Considering the question.
11:26 – What does “world” mean?
20:50 – What about using world in a negative sense?
32:04 – How do I know the world when I see it?
43:42 – When John tells us to not love the world he has in mind the system of the world that is opposed to God.
51:26 – We tend to not see the worldliness in our own selves. We often justify our thinking under the banner of “Christian liberty”.
56:45 – Tim sharing an example of worldliness
1:05:00 – The cares of the world.
1:21:43 – What about government regulations? In what ways is being antigovernment us actually being worldly?
1:27:22 – Getting the vaccine in order to reach out to unbelievers?