Walk in Continual Communion with God

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You have to pray for me, because I’m in the middle of losing my voice. Your goal is to be a servant of Christ Jesus. How are you supposed to be? You are to be constantly nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound doctrine which you have been following. You are to be a man or a woman who is constantly nourished. 

Do you remember when Jesus was walking and that woman came up and touched Him? [Mk 5:24-34] And what does the Scripture say? It says that Jesus recognized that virtue, or power, went out from Him. Because even though Jesus was God in the flesh, He did everything in the power of the Holy Spirit. And virtue went out from Him. Let me tell you something. Even doctors say this, that one hour of impassioned preaching equals eight hours of hard labor on the body. And counseling people afterwards, drain every ounce of strength out of you. When you minister, according to your gifts, in the power of the Holy Spirit, it will almost kill your body. And therefore you must be constantly nourished. You know John 15, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” 

I don’t know how much time you’ve spent in the woods, but I’m sure you’re going to understand this. When you walk out in the woods, you don’t see branches broken off and running around, all over the forest. And then once a day they run back over to the tree, connect up, get some more energy, and then break off again. Is that not the way most of you live? You have you 15 minutes with God in the morning, and then you’re gonna go minister in the power of the Holy Spirit? Why do we meet with God in certain times during the day? It is to develop a mindset of walking in the presence and the power of God all day. It is good to have specific times, in which you meet with God in His Word and Prayer every day. 

But this meeting with God has a secondary and important purpose. That you will develop a practicing of the presence of God all day; that you will learn to walk in communion with God all day; that you will learn to rest all day; and draw from the unlimited, infinite power of God. Walking in His wisdom, because His Word is dwelling ritually in your heart; and walking in His power because His Spirit indwells you. I don’t want you having an hour quiet time with God and then putting Him in the closet and walking away. You meet with God in the morning, so that you might join hands and walk with Him all day.