No One Will Be Missing on Judgment Day

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A day that few people think about is Judgment Day. But that day is a day when every single person that’s ever lived in the history of humanity will be present. No one will be missing, absent, or exempt; not even Christians.

Excerpt from the full sermon, “On What Basis Will We Be Judged on Judgment Day?“.

You know there in Matthew 25, it says, “When the Son of Man comes in His glory,” what is going to happen? “The angels with Him,” He’s going to sit upon a glorious throne and all the nations are going to be brought before Him. And you see He divides them. Both are there. Both. Those on the right. Those on the left. They’re all there. None exempted. None excepted. Christian, we’re not exempted from this. There’s no way out. It says of Jesus Christ that He is ready to judge the living and the dead—those who are alive in Christ, those who are dead in their sins. We must all appear. All must appear before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10). And you just imagine that in your minds. All must appear. What a vast assembly! No one missing. It made me think. Sometimes I’ll ask is Darrell here? Is Matt here? If there’s a question about what the deacons are doing, and no hand comes up. Somebody says oh, his family’s sick. Not on that day. Nobody’s missing. Nobody’s out. Nobody happened to be late or family’s sick. None excepted. None.

Can you imagine Adam and Eve? They’re in there too. Can you imagine? I don’t know how much they’ll look around. I don’t know how much they’ll be able to take this in. I don’t even know honestly where they’re at spiritually. I have my theories on that. But I can just imagine them. What have we done? Vast ocean of humanity, and they condemned that whole human race aside from those who have been rescued out. What have we done? Think about it. The Romans will be there. Pilate will be there. Nero will be there. Caligula will be there. Claudius will be there. Tiberias will be there. All the Caesars will be there. Those who sat on the Roman senate. Those who were the slaves. Remember all those when Jerusalem fell, they led away multitudes—captive Jews—they’ll all be there. The Jews that exodus-ed out of Egypt. They’ll be there. Those that came out of Babylon. They’ll be there. David will be there. Goliath will be there. The Nephilim—they’ll be there. The giants. The vikings. The Persians. The Nazis. Those under the British Empire. Those under the Japanese Empire. All our presidents. The governors. The mechanic. The housewife. I mean, they’re all there. These multitudes of people. There’s Herod. Those who pierced Him. Judas is in that crowd. Demas—we heard about him. He’ll be there. Those from Sentinel Island. They’re there. Those from India are there. Those from China are there. Those from the Soviet Union are there. The Brazilians are there. The Canadians are there. The Nicaraguans are there. There’s no one excepted.

Do you see them all? Can you imagine them in your mind? The Assyrians, the Babylonians. Pharaoh—proud Pharaoh. All his Egyptians. They’re all there. The Ethiopians. Those that were there in the days of Queen of Sheba. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. They’re all there. None’s missing. I’ve thought often about the Popes. They’re there. The priests. Those that push their priestcraft. All those that bow the knee to Allah—they’re all there. They’re there. Those who followed Buddha—they’re there. All of them, the masses. Those who sat on benches and judged others. We just heard about a sister down in the church at Monterrey. The judge got bought off when her husband beat her. That judge is going to be there. And that husband is going to be there. And you are going to be there. The rich, the poor, the plumbers, the mechanics, the tax collectors, the prostitutes. They’re all there. Can you see them all in your mind? And you are there. That is the sobering reality. And there is that point in time when you’ve got to stand there and it’s all brought out. We must all appear. You just think about that: appear. You’re going to appear exactly as you are. Here people can’t see in here. They don’t know what we’re thinking when we do the things we do. They don’t know what motives drive us. We posture ourselves. We smile at people when we’re not smiling inside. We say we’re doing well when that’s not true. We disguise. But in that day, no disguises. No disguises. None.