Lay Up Treasure In Heaven

The world foolishly clings to riches which they cannot take beyond the grave, but the Christian wisely gives his riches to receive something much greater beyond the grave. Jesus is Lord, and if we call Him ‘Lord’ then the decisions we make with our money will show that He is indeed Lord of our lives!

0:00 – Logo intros.
0:33 – Brief history of GCC and money and giving.
5:13 – Opening prayer.
6:21 – What level of faith do you and I have?
9:42 – John 2 speaks of a deceptive faith that some have.
11:30 – John 8 speaks of many who “believed”.
15:24 – What is the question? Do you really believe that Jesus Christ is real?
17:29 – Are many too fearful and too cautious?
18:51 – Do not lay up treasures on earth!
23:46: – Money tests what we really believe.
30:20 – Our life is brief.
38:16 – What about saving up?
42:00 – Don’t lay up for YOURSELF.
46:58 – How do you get treasure into heaven?
54:51 – Christians can be fools.
58:34 – What about inheritance to my children?
1:00:19 – Think about the Rich Young Ruler.
1:06:21 – Jesus Christ is Lord.
1:09:58 – Closing prayer.