The Sin of All Sins is Not Believing on Christ

Category: Excerpts, Audio
Bible: John 16:8-9

Concerning sin (John 16:8). What about their sin? A little more definition is given here. It says concerning sin John 16:9, what? Adultery, murder, some atrocious sin like that? No. “Concerning sin, because they do not believe on Me.” That is the radical… that if you chief sin. That is the sin of all sins. Is not to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. To hold out on Him. To put confidence in yourself instead of confidence in Him.

The altogether lovely One. The altogether worthy object of our trust. No reason we should not trust Him. No reason we should not come to Him. Every reason that we should give our hearts love and loyalty without strings attached to the Lord of glory. Sin because they don’t believe on Me. Not only as person but the work that He did on the cross, when He died for sinners.

If you are dying of cancer and this fellow comes from miles away paying an expensive price for the remedy and it surely will work, it worked on thousands that we know. And you take and you disregard it. “I’m not going to take it.” “I don’t need that.” What an insult you see? What an insult to the Lord Jesus Christ who died and shed His blood… and you step on it in the dust.

The blood was flowing down. This is the high-handed rebellion of the sinner against the Lord; to not believe on Him. What a thing! We tend to think that unbelief is a neutral matter. It is not. And the Spirit of God comes and especially puts His finger on that one thing: you haven’t believed on the Lord of glory who died for sinners.

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