Sin and Conscience: Having Certainty of Being Forgiven

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“The eye of the conscience is now redirected. It doesn’t focus on my sins and on my guilt and on my inward pollution. Where does it go, when I’m under the blood and my conscience is free and it’s all liberated? Then where’s my heart going? Well, it’s going to the glories in Revelation four and five. And I’m thinking of Christ high and lifted up. And I’m thinking of all of his perfections and his blood and his glories, and the unsearchable riches of Christ and all of it. The deliverance by that blood, and the wonders of his righteousness of Christ sitting on that throne. And there he is, and he’s the one who is worthy, worthy, worthy. And he can open the scroll. And I’m thinking of all those things, and I’m lifted up and I’m carried away. And yes, my conscience is well aware that I still sin, but my conscience is well aware that there’s a courtroom of God. And because of the blood, none of these things can be laid to my account anymore. They’re not accusing me anymore. And so I’m free.” – Tim Conway

0:00 Hebrews 9 and 10: A Theology of Sin, Part 2.
2:16 “Put yourselves in this verse… ‘It is appointed for ME…’.”
8:47 Why Are We There on Judgment Day?
13:38 Believe in Christ and You Won’t Come into Judgment.
20:11 Beware of Your Calvinism.
21:16 My Main Question: How Do I Know My Sin Has Truly Been Dealt With?
26:23 Sin and Conscience…
28:10 What Does “Cannot Perfect the Conscience” Mean in Hebrews?
37:28 “God Cleanses the Conscience from Three Things.”
45:05 Secondly, A Conscience Cleansed from a Consciousness of Sin.
49:08 Thirdly, A Conscience Cleansed from Dead Works.
56:39 Find That Your Life Is in Christ!
1:01:41 One Word from the Lord Speaking Peace to Your Conscience.
1:04:23 Don’t Settle for a Christianity That Leaves Us at a Distance from God.
1:06:22 What Does Your Conscience Indicate?
1:08:48 Closing Prayer.