A Weak Conscience Seared by Legalism

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We tend to think about people searing their conscience when they go into sins: like lust, drunkenness and so on.  However, in 1 Timothy 4 Paul’s concern is with them searing their conscience through legalism.  People were forbidding marriage and eating of certain foods, and in doing so were searing their consciences.  When you get a zeal for the Lord it is very easy for Satan to high jack that with a “do not taste, do not touch” mentality.  Do you have a good or seared conscience?  Are your convictions based upon what the Scripture teaches?

The topic I want to talk to you about tonight is one that can either cause you great paint or tremendous pleasure. What I want to speak to us about is a topic that can be either pure and perfect or dirty and defiled. It can be either good or bad. Seared or soft. I want to speak to you about the conscience. And isn’t the conscience where we live? So much of our lives as Christians are lived interacting with our consciences.

If the conscience is dirty there is no good day. If the conscience is pure there is no bad day. No matter what’s happening. If your conscience is clean, communion with God is uninterrupted. All hell can break lose against you and you got heaven in your soul.

If there is a hindrance between you and the Lord, everything can be going right, and nothing is going right, there is no joy in your soul.

And I want to speak to us about the conscience from 1 Timothy 1:5 where we’re told the goal of all Christian teaching. The goal of all Paul’s teaching. The goal of all of Timothy’s teaching. The goal of every Sunday school you ever teach and the goal of every interaction you ever have with a friend. Is summarized in this one verse.

(The rest of the transcript will come at a later date.)

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