Supernatural Christianity

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The question often arises: If the supernatural described in Mark 16:14-18 is relevant today, where is it? Why aren’t we seeing it? However, folks, this often stems from a kind of defensive exegesis of scripture. It involves looking at ourselves in the mirror and seeing nothing, yet when we look in the scriptures, we see something. Then, we define what’s real based on what we observe in ourselves rather than what we find in the scriptures.

0:00 – Mark 16
3:34 – Opening Prayer
3:54 – Do You Take Mark 16 to Be Scripture?
7:12 – Trying to Cast a Demon Out in Nepal
13:08 – How Do These Experiences Compare to Mark 16?
23:25 – I Challenge All of Us…
38:21 – The World Needs the Church, Do You Believe That?
44:21 – I Long for Us to Have This Same Effective Energy for the Lord
46:11 – Closing Prayer