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by 1 week ago

One of the worst forms of Isolationism is the “One Man Empire.” Often it begins something like this: A preacher notes a weakness...


Event: The Law of Christ – June 25th in Nebraska

by 3 weeks ago

On June 25th there will be a free event in Doniphan, Nebraska, in which Charles Leiter will share for three sessions on the Law of Christ. In the foreword to the book on the same material...


Thoughts on Marriage for Newlyweds

by 4 weeks ago

The secret of a lasting marriage and a happy marriage is in perpetually, continually, habitually giving God the number one position, purpose and passion in your lives and marriage.


Remembering a Friend, Mike Morrow

by 1 month ago

We should make time to spend with those we love. It is a great lesson to learn and a great truth to realize, that life is not meant to be lived by rushing from one responsibility to another...


Lordship: All Christians Are Disciples

by 2 months ago

It appears that you are saying that one can be a Christian, a convert, and yet not be a disciple. I would say that all Christians are disciples.


Livestream for 2016 Fellowship Conference

by 3 months ago

We are looking forward to a special weekend of meetings and fellowship together at the 2016 Fellowship Conference in Denton, Texas. The conference will begin...


Discerning the Voice of the Lord

by 5 months ago

We are often asked, "How can I tell whether it is God speaking to me or the devil." Now anyone who tells you it is easy is a novice. It is not easy because the enemy is subtle...



by 5 months ago

Prayer is signally the holiest and most spiritual exercise of mortal men. Carnal flesh shrinks and flees from it. It is cause for spiritual alarm when we find ourselves...


The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ

by 6 months ago

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich...


The Unpardonable Sin

by 1 year ago

It is not the unpardonable sin which hinders your being a Christian; but your wickedness of heart, your pride, vanity, and insincerity.


Fellowship Conference New England | Portland, Maine

by 1 year ago

In Portland, Maine on August 13-15, 2015 there will be the Fellowship Conference New England, Pastors Michael Morrow, Mack Tomlinson, Jesse Barrington, and Tim Conway will be speaking.


More Joy

by 1 year ago

Looking back now, with terminal cancer for the past two years, here is one thing I would like to have done better – I'd like to have enjoyed my walk with the Lord yet more.


Spring Conference in Laredo, Texas with Tim Conway

by 1 year ago

Where: 1402 Corpus Christi St, Laredo, Texas 78040 When: April 24-26, 2015 Who: Grace Community Church of Laredo is a church plant of GCCSATX. Pastor Tim Conway will be preaching at this year's conference. Confer...

Do Catholics Possess Life Eternal?

by 1 year ago

I now write on the topic of Catholics and eternal life. As an Irish Catholic, I remember the grip that Catholicism had on my own soul; in a sense, it was second nature to me.

I’ll Be Honest App on Amazon Kindle Fire

by 1 year ago

The I'll Be Honest app is now available for Kindle Fire devices. Read more details...

Exercising Self-Control

by 2 years ago

Practically everything must be controlled. So also in the spiritual realm self-control is a virtue.

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