Tim Conway


Some Thoughts on Walking with God

by 2 days ago

I want more, but overall I know what it is like to be walking with God.


The Peace Christ Had When Facing the Cross

by 2 weeks ago

Christ offers a peace that He earned for us and that is beyond any form of peace this world offers, it is to have peace with God.


What Does Fellowship with God Look Like? (Part 2)

by 3 weeks ago

Our relationship with God is called fellowship because He shares with us His love, peace and joy.


Doctrine Divides

by 3 weeks ago

It is right that doctrine divides us from those who "do not abide in the teaching of Christ,"


What Does Fellowship with God Look Like? (Part 1)

by 4 weeks ago

To be in fellowship with God is to walk in the light and to see our sin properly as God sees it.


For the Children: Who is Jesus Christ?

by 1 month ago

This Bible Study was taught for the children at Vacation Bible School that was done at our church.