Tim Conway


What Does Fellowship with God Look Like? (Part 2)

by 5 days ago

Our relationship with God is called fellowship because He shares with us His love, peace and joy.


Doctrine Divides

by 1 week ago

It is right that doctrine divides us from those who "do not abide in the teaching of Christ,"


What Does Fellowship with God Look Like? (Part 1)

by 1 week ago

To be in fellowship with God is to walk in the light and to see our sin properly as God sees it.


For the Children: Who is Jesus Christ?

by 2 weeks ago

This Bible Study was taught for the children at Vacation Bible School that was done at our church.


The Christian’s Experience of Fellowship

by 3 weeks ago

The apostle John came along and dogmatically asserted things.


A Farewell Blessing

by 1 month ago

After thirteen chapters here is what the author of Hebrews wants to leave us with: