Tim Conway


Genuine Christianity Tested by Obedience

by 2 days ago

The book of 1 John shows us that the difference between the lost and saved man is so clear that it is discernible and recognizable.


The Lord’s Supper – Properly Discerning the Body

by 6 days ago

How consistently should a church be taking the Lord's Supper? What does it mean to eat "without discerning the body"?


What’s Wrong With That!?

by 1 week ago

God does not intend for the Christian to always approach everything they do from a negative perspective by asking, "What's wrong with that?!"


We Live With Our Eyes On Christ

by 1 week ago

The Galatians were wanting to be perfected and grow and advance in the Christian life...


Christian, Don’t Sin

by 3 weeks ago

1 John 2:1 shows us that what is normative for the Christian is that they don't sin.


Christians Confess Sin (1 John 1:9)

by 3 weeks ago

Confessing of sin is an evidence of someone who is in the light and has fellowship with God.