Tim Conway

What Do You Think of Christ?

by 6 days ago

Asking someone what they think about Jesus Christ is one of the most telling questions you can ask...

Christian, Are You Refusing God?

by 1 week ago

Refusing God is not always an outright defiance like Pharaoh saying "Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?"

Two Mountains: Mt. Zion & Mt. Sinai

by 1 week ago

Mt. Sinai says "Do this and you will live." Yet Mt. Zion shouts "It is finished!"

God is Sovereign and Man is Responsible

by 2 weeks ago

If men don't come to Christ, their inability to not come is that they love their idols more.

What Really Ministers to Loneliness?

by 2 weeks ago

Someone's bodily presence does not necessarily make loneliness go away. Rather it is...

How You Help Me Be Holy

by 3 weeks ago

Having fellowship with like-minded believers is a vital part in our sanctification and being made more holy.