Are You At Peace During a Severe Trial?

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In the midst of a really difficult situation, you discover the peace of Christ that helps you to make it through. You see, it’s testing? What is the test? Testing. The test is testing. What happens to you when you are tested? Does that peace grip you no matter what the test is? How stable are you? Do you have a faith that is locked in? Is there something foundational underneath you?

There is proof in testing. That’s what the test is all about. It proves the very nature and character of your Christianity. Can you tell me what’s going on? Those who fall away when tested can’t find this peace. How does it work? Once they are in the midst of the trial, they are unhappy, frustrated, uncertain, and fearful. Do you know what they want to do? They want to be in control. That’s right. Whenever you think about Christianity, everything looks really good. It’s good because they want it on their own terms, you see. “Oh, no, I didn’t sign up for this.” “Well, if God is going to do this, I’m out.”

How about you? This is the question we should ask. How does it feel to be in a crisis? All of us have these theories, after all. All of us have these systems, all of us have these ideologies. Likewise, we have all of our theories about Christianity when the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and money is in your bank account. The thing is, when something gets really hard, like your health, your spouse, or your child is taken away from you, you just don’t feel like you can live without them.

When the going gets tough, what happens? What happens when you lose your job? It’s difficult. What then? The test is here. In the midst of it, can you find comfort to remain untroubled? Do you know a peace that passes understanding? That’s what the Scripture says. Does your form of Christianity help you? That’s what we’re asking. I

It’s like you feel like there’s very little that provides such a thorough test of our faith. It’s one thing to say we believe, but it’s another to see our faith triumphant and victorious in the midst of trial. We come out of it in a state of joy. I mean, look, if you’ve been a Christian, the amount of time I’m not talking about something you don’t relate to here. You get in that difficulty and it’s like, wow, God is real. While all this is happening, I can lay my head down and sleep. I’m not going to be afraid.

This excerpt was taken from the full sermon, What Does Jesus Mean, “My Peace I Give to You”