Go Low Like Christ | The Upper Room Discourse, Part 2

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Why does Jesus say, “If I don’t wash you, you have no share with me”? It is clear that foot washing represents something, and if Peter rejects the sign, then he rejects the reality and, in doing so, rejects Christ’s teaching. Listen in as Tim studies this out and considers two primary lessons we can learn from this passage.

0:00 – Opening prayer.
0:56 – John 13.1-20.
5:05 – What do we have here? A living parable.
6:20 – What do we know about foot washing?
8:59 – Jesus turns the topic of foot washing into a matter of whether you belong to him or not.
10:25 – First lesson from the foot washing.
15:40 – A lesson about the dirt that we get on our feet.
21:45 – Second lesson taught from the foot washing.
32:54 – Jesus is calling all of us to go low and have humility.
38:20 – How much would you be missed if this afternoon you were taken out of this world?
41:38 – What does this portion of Scripture tell us about God himself?
46:49 – What was the Devil’s greatest tactic in the garden?
53:47 – Closing prayer.