No Fruit Without Death | The Upper Room Discourse, Part 1

Category: Full Sermons

Tim begins a series on John 13-17 in which he examines Jesus’ address in the upper room discourse.

0:00 – Introduction to the discourse of John 13-17.
5:57 – Jesus prepares his disciples to lead the charge to turn the world upside down.
9:24 – Is there no significance to the church?
15:03 – What will be my approach to this series of sermons?
15:48 – Take a moment to consider the setting in John 13-17.
20:06 – Taking a closer look at the context and timing of the events and taking note of what they indicate.
24:29 – Can you recall any time when you were in the presence of someone who was deeply troubled? How does Christ respond in such a troubling time?
27:12 – The public ministry of Jesus has come to an end.
32:33 – Jesus’ ministry has come to an end, and he has been rejected by most.
39:32 – What else is going on at this hour? Is the Devil being cast out?
42:33 – The Lord Jesus Christ’s ascension is near, fulfilling Psalm 24.
46:03 – The disciples are sitting there with freshly washed feet, hearing that Christ is returning for them.
46:39 – What is going on in John 12.20? Does it seem strange to you?
52:21 – What does it mean that the hour has come for the son of man to be glorified?
53:59 – As a result of Christ’s death, he will bring in souls–even Greeks, British, Americans, etc.
55:52 – What does Christ mean when he says that those who love their lives will lose them?
57:34 – Do you want to see Jesus?
1:02:12 – What are these disciples ready to do? Serving Christ and hating this world.
1:07:30 – So what is the upper room discourse all about? Let me give a brief summary.
1:07:51 – What do you have to die to, to be more fruitful as a member of this church?
1:12:14 – Closing prayer.