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Do You Know What the Cross Means?

by 2 years ago

Do you know what the Cross means? The Cross means you are bad enough to go to hell and you needed...

Useful Because of Weakness

by 2 years ago

The futile cultures focus on men being strong in their own strength. Yet for the Christian, Jesus says His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

God’s Marvelous Common Grace for Ungodly Nations

by 2 years ago

What many call the "common grace" of God is not just "common", but it is marvelous common grace.


The World is Not Worthy of Rahab The Prostitute

by 2 years ago

Rahab being on the list in Hebrews 11 loudly proclaims that you don't have to have a good background in order to be a Christian.


The Mark of True Faith

by 3 years ago

The mark of true faith is that someone believes God's Word.


Search the Bible as For Hidden Treasure

by 3 years ago

If you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.

The Calculations of True Faith

by 3 years ago

The true Christian is the most logical person in the world because by faith he has done the math right and calculated correctly.

How Did Jesus Deal With Souls?

by 3 years ago

When Jesus Christ evangelized He would bring up the one thing that the person did not want to talk about, He would expose their false god and idol.

What Saving Faith Looks Like

by 3 years ago

Faith is building a life on what God says. That's believing. Saving faith does not run from the unknown.

Practical Advice on Daily Bible Reading

by 3 years ago

It is sloppy Christian life if you are not reading your Bible every single day. This is the food for the soul, this is our life, our health, this is where we see Christ.

God is Love

by 3 years ago

God is wanting to convince you that He is love, not just loving, but He is love, so what kind of Father do you think this makes Him?

Unless This, You Will Perish

by 3 years ago

Charles talks about the absolute statements our Lord made about unless certain things are true you will perish.

What is a Holy, Holy, Holy God?

by 3 years ago

We have one hope before this God who is awful and majestic. And it is to hide our unholiness under the blood of Christ, and to hide in the shadow of the Cross.

Knowing Who God Is Through His Creation

by 3 years ago

There is a reason why God as the creator of the heavens and the earth is so prominent in the Scriptures.

How Do You Perceive God?

by 3 years ago

God does have absolutes. There is only one opinion that matters and it's not our opinion, it's God's.

How to Define Faith

by 3 years ago

Faith is the firm assurance and conviction that the invisible God is who He says He is and will do what He has promised to do.

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