Memorize All of the Scripture You Can

Category: Excerpts

Another thing that would help us is to take the Word of God in prayer. Now admittedly that’s not in our text or in our context. This has been mentioned a little before, I believe it was brother Bill that mentioned that. But I’ll tell ya, what little I know, I know that it helps to know the Bible. It helps to memorize all the scripture you can. It helps to have the sword of the Spirit handy on your tongue. It helps to have ammunition to shoot at the battlements of heaven. It helps to know the Word of God and have it ready. 

Why can’t we all sustain prayer very well? I’ll tell you one thing that will help and that’s to know, to memorize the Word of God. Be rich in the scriptures. Be mighty in the Scriptures like Apollos. Why not memorize? Young men, young women, memorize Ephesians. Memorize Romans. Memorize Hebrews. Get it down, take it in, write it on your heart. Sure, it’ll take some investment. It takes some work. But the rewards are so great. It just takes a little diligence. You know, isn’t it something, where you’ve been to a certain location many times, you’ve driven that road many times, and yet, when somebody, you go to tell somebody how to get there you can’t think how to tell them. And the reason is because you never fixed it in your mind. And the same way of reading the Bible you’ve read it a lot of times but you can’t really see it you can’t really repeat it cause you’ve never fixed it in your mind. It will help you to fix scriptures deep in your heart. That way, hide ’em in your heart have them ready to use against the hosts of darkness.