Bob Jennings

Sedalia, Missouri

Behold Your God

by 2 weeks ago

God is big, real big, as big as you imagine a god ought to be, and then infinitely more. God is God.

Christianity Unique Among Religions

by 1 month ago

Christianity is unique in that it offers a savior. All other religious leaders are mere examples and teachers, now dead and in the grave.

Behold Now is the Acceptable Time

by 2 months ago

There will come a day when we will all die. None of us knows when that day will be.

Patriarchy vs. Single Women in the Bible

by 3 months ago

The Bible doesn't say your calling as a young woman is to be a “worker at home.” In fact, Paul says, “The unmarried woman cares for the things of the Lord"

Preservation of the Saints

by 3 months ago

The apostle Paul here was entirely confident that the saints at Philippi would make it. Here are four reasons why...

Why is Fasting so Little Employed by True Christians?

by 3 months ago

Those meals you miss fasting will soon be forgotten but the blessing and the reward will remain forever. “Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly”.