150+ Bob Jennings Sermons

The following 150+ sermons were preached over the years, mostly at Highway M Chapel, where Bob was one of the pastors. He died of cancer in 2012 and went to be with Christ.

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A Meditation on Meditations19.7 MB
Abstain From Sexual Immorality10.0 MB
All These Died In Faith, Confessing28.4 MB
Always, Without Ceasing, Everything14.3 MB
Appreciate and Esteem12.9 MB
Asking in Prayer19.1 MB
Assurance: You Will Know25.9 MB
Be An Example in Speech23.1 MB
Be On the Alert16.9 MB
Because God Has Chosen You22.8 MB
Besetting Sin0.0 B
Blessed Are Those Who Die In the Lord19.8 MB
Brethren, Pray For Us12.4 MB
But These Have Been Written10.1 MB
Children Obey and Honor Your Parents20.1 MB
Christ Before Annas14.7 MB
Christ in the Garden13.9 MB
Christ's High Priestly Prayer20.6 MB
Christ's Legacy of Peace17.1 MB
Christ's New Commandment18.6 MB
Christian's Facing Fear21.6 MB
Come and Have Breakfast11.1 MB
Comfort One Another With These Words13.3 MB
Conquering Lust23.4 MB
Cross Bearing17.3 MB
Crossing the Sea Again15.2 MB
David's Great Sin26.3 MB
Death Better Than Birth24.4 MB
Degrees of Reward12.6 MB
Do Not Despise Prophecies12.6 MB
Do Not Love the World23.5 MB
Do Not Quench the Spirit19.2 MB
Don't Be Deceived22.8 MB
Don't Judge, Do Judge11.7 MB
Dying to the Glory of God14.1 MB
Eager To See Your Face8.1 MB
Elders, Overseers, and Shepherds16.8 MB
Entrusted With the Gospel10.1 MB
Evidences of Election (Part 1)13.1 MB
Evidences of Election (Part 2)25.7 MB
Faithfulness21.6 MB
False Shepherds18.5 MB
Features of the New Covenant25.1 MB
Few Workers: Harvesters Wanted9.5 MB
Foot Washing19.8 MB
Glories of the Lord Jesus Christ17.7 MB
Glorify God - Why, Where8.6 MB
God Moved by Entreaty14.7 MB
God's Righteous, Judgement12.0 MB
Greater Workers16.5 MB
Greatness in the Kingdom19.2 MB
Guidance - Acquiring and Giving Counsel28.7 MB
Have This Letter Read9.8 MB
He Hid Himself20.9 MB
He It Is Who Loves Me16.2 MB
He Loved Them17.0 MB
He Will Convict Them18.5 MB
He Will Teach You20.8 MB
Hold to the Traditions7.0 MB
Holy is the Lord20.8 MB
Honor the Son14.0 MB
How Men Die in Their Sins18.1 MB
How Shall We Sin?20.8 MB
How They Overcame the Devil29.0 MB
I and the Father Are One16.6 MB
I Have Told You Before12.3 MB
I Press On25.0 MB
If Any Man Thirsts12.5 MB
If I Be Lifted Up18.9 MB
If You Continue18.6 MB
Inscription on the Cross16.2 MB
It Is Finished6.1 MB
Jesus Enters Jerusalem13.5 MB
Joseph of Arimathea14.3 MB
Keep Seeking21.2 MB
Keep Them20.2 MB
Keys to Victory Over Sexual Sin3.7 MB
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled14.4 MB
Light of the World17.3 MB
Lord, Direct My Heart11.8 MB
Loved Us and Given Us9.5 MB
Mary, Why Are You Weeping?16.2 MB
May the Lord Cause You to Increase10.4 MB
My Judgement is Just15.3 MB
Now is the Son of Man Glorified6.3 MB
One of You Will Betray Me15.3 MB
Overcoming and Avoiding Depression22.9 MB
Perfecting Holiness20.6 MB
Peter's Denial15.0 MB
Peter's Exhortation to Elders21.1 MB
Peter's Fall and Recovery22.7 MB
Pursuit of Joy21.2 MB
Raising of Lazarus19.6 MB
Remember Jesus Christ15.3 MB
Remember Lot21.3 MB
Remember Lot's Wife20.5 MB
Remember Your Creator18.5 MB
Repent and Be Baptized18.5 MB
Repetance20.9 MB
Sanctify Them21.8 MB
Second Coming #2 - Events at the Parousia11.3 MB
Second Coming #3 - The Millennium12.2 MB
Second Coming #4 - Apostasy, Man of Lawlessness15.3 MB
Second Coming #5 - The Love of the Truth11.9 MB
Second Coming #6 - Because God Has Chosen You11.6 MB
Security of the Sheep15.8 MB
Show Us The Father14.3 MB
Stewards of the Mysteries of God4.0 MB
That They May Be One18.7 MB
That They May Behold My Glory16.4 MB
The Bread of Life17.1 MB
The Christian Greeting6.2 MB
The Cup16.5 MB
The Day of the Lord12.4 MB
The Deacon13.7 MB
The Devil Has Nothing On Me13.4 MB
The Devil Seeks Someone to Devour28.7 MB
The Faithful Protection of God20.6 MB
The Glorious Gospel of the Blessed God10.6 MB
The Goal of Our Instruction11.0 MB
The Good Shepherd23.9 MB
The Gospel of the Glory of Christ12.5 MB
The Heavenly Race27.6 MB
The Lawful Use of the Law13.0 MB
The Lord's Good Confession16.1 MB
The Misjudging of Jesus17.5 MB
The Post-Resurrection Assembly9.1 MB
The Propitiation for Our Sins27.4 MB
The Public Prayer Meeting (Acts 4)20.8 MB
The Sin of Omission19.9 MB
The Thief's Death Bed Conversion19.8 MB
The Vine and The Branches19.6 MB
The Way This Man Speaks16.5 MB
The Way, The Truth, the Life7.8 MB
The Woman At The Well17.9 MB
The Work of Christ24.6 MB
These Afflictions15.0 MB
They Hated Me Without Cause21.6 MB
To Stand Before the Son of Man11.4 MB
Unclothing of Christ13.7 MB
Useful to the Lord in Winning Souls3.6 MB
Useful to the Master24.8 MB
We Command You To Work18.7 MB
We Live If You Stand7.7 MB
We Must Work the Works21.5 MB
We Urge You, Brethren8.1 MB
Who Do You Make Yourself Out to Be14.2 MB
Whoever Believes in Christ is Not Condemned17.0 MB
Why The Waste?22.9 MB
With Regard to the Coming of the Lord13.1 MB
Without Me You Can Do Nothing17.8 MB
Witness of Christ20.1 MB
Woman, Behold Your Son12.6 MB
Women's Adornment13.4 MB
Worthy is the Lamb10.8 MB
You Became an Example7.4 MB
You Follow Me15.0 MB
You Must Be Born Again12.6 MB
Your Adversary, The Devil26.5 MB
Your Ambition - Quiet Work11.9 MB
Your Faith Has Gone Forth8.6 MB
Your Father The Devil18.3 MB

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(1949 - 2012)
Bob Jennings began a pastoral ministry in Kirksville, Missouri in 1978 in the church that now meets at Lake Road Chapel. In 1983 he moved to Sedalia, Missouri to pastor a small flock which God had raised up in that city (now meeting at Highway M Chapel). Bob spoke at many conferences both in the United States and Eastern Europe. He also did evangelism outreach on various university campuses over the years. The Lord blessed Bob and his wife Terri with five children. Bob is respected as a godly man by all who knew him, perhaps most by his family. You can find encouragement from his many messages online, and also from his online journal which he kept during his days with cancer. Bob fell asleep in the Lord November of 2012.