60+ Conrad Murrell Sermons

The following 60+ sermons were preached from the 1970s and onward. Conrad went to be with Christ in 2018.

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(Note: Most of these sermons were captured from cassette tapes. The audio may contain clipping; echoing audio from another sermon; as well the end of some sermons may be missing. If you run into any serious errors, please contact us and let us know about them.)

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A Charge to the Elders16.1 MB
A Communion of Special Persons21.8 MB
Acceptable Worship22.4 MB
All Things are Yours23.6 MB
Apostasy (Hebrews 6)21.1 MB
Behold He Prayeth31.4 MB
Behold, The Lamb!20.5 MB
Book of Ruth (Part 1)28.3 MB
Book of Ruth (Part 2)25.9 MB
Book of Ruth (Part 3)24.9 MB
Book of Ruth (Part 4)26.0 MB
Book of Ruth (Part 5)21.7 MB
Certain Ungodly Men17.1 MB
Children and Toys (1 Cor. 13)19.9 MB
Christ Our Redemption29.3 MB
Christ Our Righteousness26.1 MB
Christ Our Wisdom16.0 MB
Christ's Death, Not Blood Only25.4 MB
Christianity is Orderly21.9 MB
Christianity is Rational and Lucid22.7 MB
Come and See18.6 MB
Compromises25.0 MB
Conrad Murrell's Funeral: Forever With the Lord25.9 MB
Crime of All Men's Crimes13.3 MB
Criteria of a Proper Object of Faith25.7 MB
Criterion of Christianity26.4 MB
Dead or Alive (Part 1)23.3 MB
Dead or Alive (Part 2)21.7 MB
Divine Security20.9 MB
Doxology to the King25.5 MB
Face to Face19.9 MB
Fads, Fables, and Foolishness29.1 MB
Faith's Rock Bottom18.5 MB
Fasting29.7 MB
God's Man13.4 MB
Godly Women26.1 MB
If We Sin Willfully19.9 MB
Intercessory Declarations of John 1718.0 MB
Judge Not22.5 MB
Like Precious Faith17.9 MB
Milk, Meat, & Munchies (Part 1)22.3 MB
Milk, Meat, & Munchies (Part 2)20.7 MB
Necessity of the New Birth19.4 MB
Not Wisdom of Words22.5 MB
Number Our Days20.9 MB
Power, Not Speech17.0 MB
Prayer Meeting Exhortation9.2 MB
Puffed Up22.3 MB
Sermon Preperation34.5 MB
Sin Against God21.3 MB
Study on Elders and Preachers39.9 MB
Submission, Wife to Husband22.1 MB
Take Heed How You Hear26.8 MB
Taught by Jesus13.1 MB
The Christian's Self Image18.7 MB
The Great and Final Judgement (Part 1)25.0 MB
The Great and Final Judgement (Part 2)23.0 MB
The Inaccessible God19.3 MB
The Peace Process16.2 MB
The Sin of Jeroboam25.9 MB
The Spiritual Man13.7 MB
The Spirituality of the Word19.4 MB
The Supremacy of Love22.7 MB
The Testimony of Paul22.0 MB
Triumph of Suffering19.7 MB
We Need Grace26.8 MB
What is Truth?17.1 MB
Why We Don't Worship21.1 MB
You Are the Branches22.3 MB

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Bentley, Louisiana
Conrad (1928-2018) served in Louisiana for almost fifty years and faithfully ministered to the Lord. He pastored for years at Grace Church of Bentley and was the leading figure behind the Grace Camp that was also held there.