Should The Government Create Laws From Christ’s Teaching?

Do the laws created by the government need to be derived from Jesus’ teachings? Does the Bible call for us to seek to bring this about? What is the place for a believer in politics?

0:00 – Question – Should political authorities take Jesus’ teaching as the basis for creating laws?
1:38 – Asking the audience their initial thoughts.
2:10 – How would you make a Biblical case?
2:55 – What is our Christian responsibility in regard to the government?
7:15 – Does Jesus ever want us to take up this political agenda?
10:48 – What if a believer gets into some type of political office?
13:31 – Laws do not change the heart of the people.
15:02 – What is the advantage if we have Biblical laws on the books?
17:15 – How are we called to live right here and right now?
20:00 – More audience interaction.