Responding to Others Who Take God’s Name in Vain

We live in a world that for the most part, doesn’t think it’s that bad to take the Name of God in vain. How should we respond when we hear others take God’s Name in vain?

00:00 – Tim reads the question.
00:39 – Consider 1 Samuel 2 and the topic of honoring the Lord.
4:10 – Meaning of vain? To empty God’s name of significance.
4:37 – Tim gives an example of being a new believer and seeing a movie that blasphemed the Lord’s name.
7:48 – How to deal with others in the workplace who use God’s name in vain?
10:17 – Should I tell the person who cursed, “You offended me!”?
16:13 – Do we have to expose sin in every single person when we see it?
17:00 – Honor the Lord and He Will Honor You