Luke Hahn Follow Up Interview: Responding to People’s Comments

Category: Video, Questions & Answers

In 2018 we posted a video testimony of Luke Hahn testifying of the Lord’s goodness in saving his soul. This video was entitled, “God Had to Strip Me of Everything“. It received around 7,000 comments and in view of some of the unbiblical statements people made in the comments we wanted to make a response in the hopes of helping people. In this follow up interview, we asked Luke to respond to different comments that people made and to offer Biblical insight into those questions.

0:00 – Introduction
1:13 – “God Did Not Cause Your Accident”
6:02 – Suffering Comes at Different Points in Our Lives
8:38 – What is the Purpose of Your Pain and Suffering?
14:09 – If God is GOOD Why Does He Not Heal You?
22:00 – There is No A+B = Healing
29:04 – Praying for the Lord to Just Give Me the Ability to Not Have to Think About My Pain
32:24 – “Why Did You Leave the Catholic Church?”
43:42 – People Were Bothered by You Saying you Had a False Profession
47:10 – Why Do People Get So Upset When You Say You Were a False Christian?
50:33 – Luke Offers Encouragement to Parents Who Are Praying for Their Lost Children