How a Christian Woman is to Adorn Herself

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Likewise I want women to adorn themselves. Now, he wants women to adorn themselves. OK? So adornment’s not bad. But that adornment, we are going to see if in verse 10, it’s good works, godliness, a quiet and submissive spirit. Now… Lets go on. He says “I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing.” That tells me that there is clothing that is improper for a Christian women. Alright? I mean, that’s just logic. There is clothing that is improper for a Christian women. Now he says the clothing must be “modest”. This is very important, it’s literally “proper clothing with modesty” is the way it goes in the original text. So, with modesty. My wife, has a really good thing that she says. She goes “If your clothing is a frame for your face, from which the glory of God is to shine, it’s proper.” If it draws attention to your face. If your clothing draws attention to your body, to outline it, to make it noticed, then it’s sensual – it’s sensual. What your doing is wrong. Now, I want to step away just for a second.

Women, you need to understand something. Men are not as dumb as you think they are. My wife and I have a friend in Illinois and she is a very pretty lady, very pretty. If she walked in that door right now, every man in this room, if he turned and saw her, this is what they would say: “Well that’s a very pretty lady.” “That’s a very elegant lady.” “That’s a beautiful lady.” And that’s what they would think. But ladies there are also women who are not half as attractive as that lady I described to you. Either in their face or in their body. And they could walk in that door. And the moment every man heard the door open and he looked over there, if he was a godly man, he would have to turn his head. Because it’s not beauty. It’s sensuality. And even though you can’t exactly write down the rules and put it all on paper. When you see it, you know it. There is a difference between beauty and sensuality. And God is not against beauty. He is against sensuality.

In Philippians we are told to think on things that are excellent, that are noble that are just that are right that are true. The way a women carries herself and the way she dresses ought to promote the following types of words. Modesty. Discretion. Wisdom. Beauty. Elegance. Refinement. But not: Sensuality. Luxury. Extravagance. You know, extravagance ladies is when your husband wants you to take off your earrings so he can make them into lures to catch northern pike(fish).

Now ladies, I’ve been giving your husbands a lot of tasks. Let me give you one. Seek to find out what this means and go wherever the Lord shows you. There is nothing more attractive then a woman who has this look of wisdom and discretion and nobility and simplicity. Simplicity. It’s just a simple beauty about her.