Behold Your God

God is big, real big, as big as you imagine a god ought to be, and then infinitely more. God is God. There’s none like Him, none beside Him, none other but Him.1

The God who is there is ETERNAL. He was before all things.2 He never had a beginning. There was never a “time” when He did not exist. He inhabits eternity;3 He dwells in the eternal now. A thousand years are like a day with God.4 Time means nothing. This world of time and matter is just a speck before God.5

God BEGAN everything.6 He created everything and created it out of nothing.7 Matter did not exist before God made it. Every atom was spoken into existence by God. And it was all for His pleasure. His satisfaction, His plan and purpose.8 Every angel, thousands of thousands, was made by God. Every human, both soul and body with all the variety, was designed and made by God.9 In Him we live and move and have our being.10

God SUSTAINS everything. He upholds all things by the word of His power.11 He holds both the moon and the electron in their orbits. God holds your eyeball in its socket. The laws of math and physics? God made the law of gravity. There is no law without a law-giver. God gives to all, life, breath and everything.12 Even the blasphemer’s breath to blaspheme is a gift from God. God does chores around the clock, feeding the birds, the beasts, the bugs, and the fish of the sea.13

God RULES over all – over the hosts of heaven and the inhabitants of the earth.14 Even Satan, in the end, will find that he has been an unwitting servant of the Most High.15 Like the backward gears on a watch, God uses even wicked men to carry out His sovereign will, working it for good.16 The King of kings overturns cities, uproots nations,17 raises up and casts down kings like puppets.18 The Father of spirits hardens hearts and softens hearts to carry out His eternal glorious plan. The Potter takes from the same lump of clay humanity and makes one vessel for wrath and another for mercy, both magnifying His sovereign power.19 It is the glory of the Owner to do as He pleases. Who shall not fear Him?

The great God that is the Author of all is also the TERMINATOR. Having received all authority, the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ will come back in glory and power to raise the dead,20 to judge every soul right down to the very secret thoughts,21 and with flaming fire will destroy the universe.22 Those that have surrendered to King Jesus in repentance and have been forgiven of their sin-guilt by faith in His death-payment on the cross will enter the glories of heaven.23 Those who have continued in pride and neglect24 of the claims of Christ will bow down before him at last and then be banished by the breath of His mouth to eternal torment in the flames of hell, God’s hell.25 Who is the proud bug that would strut in His path? God will have His day.26

God is so great that He can be kind to His enemies. He lovingly sent His own Son to die for sinners – the greatest event in the universe, the theme of heaven’s song. Angels marvel.27

And God is so great that He can afford to be patient.28 The door of salvation is still open. The throne of grace still welcomes appeals. The invitation from the King is still good, “Come to Me, all you who are weary, and I will give you rest.”29 Isn’t this God a worthy object of our attention, devotion, adoration, and trust?

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(1949 - 2012)
Bob Jennings began a pastoral ministry in Kirksville, Missouri in 1978 in the church that now meets at Lake Road Chapel. In 1983 he moved to Sedalia, Missouri to pastor a small flock which God had raised up in that city (now meeting at Highway M Chapel). Bob spoke at many conferences both in the United States and Eastern Europe. He also did evangelism outreach on various university campuses over the years. The Lord blessed Bob and his wife Terri with five children. Bob is respected as a godly man by all who knew him, perhaps most by his family. You can find encouragement from his many messages online, and also from his online journal which he kept during his days with cancer. Bob fell asleep in the Lord November of 2012.