Would You Rather Be On Your Phone or Alone With God?

You know what? We can run to a thousand things and quickly call somebody on your phone. Everyone of you just about, you have a phone right in your pocket, right in your purse. It’s difficult to mourn when all of a sudden you get a text message and then you respond to it. I mean right at such a time where you’ve sinned and you’re actually beginning to feel something and have some deep and real dealings with the Lord. 

And suddenly you hear a phone beep and you actually respond to it. I’ll tell you one of the reasons we don’t go so deep and we don’t mourn so deeply and we don’t weep so bitterly and we don’t contemplate things like David did. It’s because we’re so caught up in the trivialities. 

You know what? There’s a time to turn off your computer, turn off your phone. 

Guys, when I was a teenager, phones had cords that went to the wall. We didn’t even have phones you can walk around the house with. There were no phones in cars, yet. Cell phones, that was on Star Trek. 

I’m saying this because people actually have for a long time lived without these things. There is a time to shut them off and get alone with the Lord. If you can’t do that you’re not gonna know the victories of the men and women who have gone really deep with the Lord. That’s just the truth. If you gotta take a 12 gauge shotgun and put a slug hole through the front of your television in order to get alone with the Lord, then do it.