What’s Wrong With That!?

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God does not intend for the Christian to always approach everything they do from a negative perspective by asking, “What’s wrong with that?!”  Rather we should be focusing on doing the good that we know we should be striving after!

I get the sense that some of the people that come here. I hear them talking. And I don’t hear them over the in the corner strategizing on how to visit the widow and the orphan. I hear them saying:
“What’s wrong with that?”
“What’s wrong with that movie?”
“What’s wrong with that kind of music?”
“What’s wrong with that hairstyle?”
“What’s wrong with tattoos?”
“What’s wrong with this?”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“What’s wrong with me wearing a hat?”
“What’s wrong with this?”
Brothers and sisters, God doesn’t intend for you to approach Christianity from this negative perspective all of the time. Yeah, we do have to look at things and weigh out is this right? Is this wrong? Does this build up? Am I going to be controlled by this thing? Is this idolatry? How does this fair with my brothers and sisters? Will it cause them to stumble? But brethren! Live doing good! “I was hungry and you fed me.” Go feed somebody! Quit worrying about “Well, should I do that… is that kind of music okay or isn’t it? Go out and do what you know is good! Don’t live just this mediocre life. Or as John piper calls it “minimal morality.” Get over that! Live for Christ! Live with a purpose! Live on purpose! Do good! Live righteously! Throw away that sloppiness.

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