Don’t Rely on Men Rely on God

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God often uses men to help us but we must never forget that men are just the means that God uses. They don’t have an inherent ability in themselves to help anyone. Our ultimate help has to come from God and not man.

I’ve noticed this I guess because I’m a pastor that sometimes we get people that contact the church and it’s like, “Well, I need Brother Tim to pray for me.” Or, “I need Brother Tim to do this…” Brethren, that kind of thinking is so wrong. It’s like, oh, you know, if I could get John MacArthur to pray for me; if I could get Paul Washer to pray for me… Oh, if I could have gotten Spurgeon to pray for me… What are they? They’re but men. Have you ever watched “Logic on Fire”? That biographical deal that they did on Martyn Lloyd-Jones? There’s one of the guys – I think his name is Hiram. I really hope I get to meet that guy. I hope he’s still alive. He was pretty old. But he was saying – Ruby and I watched this last night – he said I think it was the last time he was with Lloyd-Jones and Lloyd-Jones was dying, he had the cancer, he wasn’t going to live long, and he said to this man who at that time was quite a bit younger – now the guy’s really old. Of course, Lloyd-Jones died in ’81. But he says, “Young man,” he says, “I just want you to remember this, that I’m nothing but a sinner who’s been saved.” That’s the best that men are. They can intercede for us. That’s true. It’s like David in this psalm. It’s like I don’t even need to bring men up. Men aren’t important. Yes, he brings them up right here, but notice this, what characterizes them? “They do not set You before them.” You see, this is the difference between the righteous and the unrighteous. Brethren, I’ll tell you this, this is a massive test. You want to test yourself? Are you going to the Lord? And to go to Him and praise Him.

The excerpt is taken from the full sermon, “Draw Near to God: The Worship (How to Approach God)“.