Where Does Sin Come From?

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There are so many conclusions that people come to, based on logic, that is not in accord with Scripture. Carnal logic is ever so prevalent where men begin to talk about where sin came from. We don’t want to come to conclusions that the Bible doesn’t. So therefore we must go to the Scriptures to find out what knowledge God does give us.

Question Asked:
How did Satan commit sin in the beginning, before his fall? I mean, if he was God’s creation, and all creation was good, how did Satan come to even think of carrying out any action against the Creator? If this was not from God, then where was it from, if God created everything (even Satan’s “ability” to sin or not, or his “ability” to do whatever that caused him to sin)? Was God’s will that this happened? But then, how can Satan and the unjustified sinners be condemned to the eternal lake of fire, to be tormented day and night, forever and ever?