Where Did Moses Write of Jesus in Genesis?

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Today we are asking in what ways does the book of Genesis speak of Jesus, the son of God? Where did Moses write of Jesus in Genesis? An honest reader of Moses will see that while Moses was faithful to carry out his leadership of the people of Israel in his own day, he was also very clearly directing the people of Israel to look for and hope in God, that God would send another prophet, who would declare words of life to the people, which would bring blessing to them if obeyed. But if rejected, they would be judged.

This meaning in the writings of Moses is so clear, that Jesus can say that Moses will rise up in judgment upon the people for not believing in Jesus for life. Because they had Moses; words telling them about it. Even in Genesis, Moses is writing such a way that readers ought to look to a man, who would not be like other men, separate from sinners, yet one of them, and delivering them, calling them back to God, with power over Satan and all that opposes God’s purpose and order.

They ought to be anticipating a conflict between this man and the devil, which will result in a mighty wound to this man, but a mighty victory for this man. They ought to anticipate a ruler from Judah to bring this about, and that this blessing of being right with God would be opened up to all the world, and would one day come to every family of the earth.

0:00 – John 5.39-40
1:09 – John 5.45-47
2:32 – How do we look for Jesus in the Old Testament?
2:57 – Clue 1 – What Moses said is obvious.
5:18 – Clue 2 – It is someone who is going to bring life.
6:15 – Deuteronomy 18.15-19
10:40 – What does Jesus mean when he says Moses wrote of me?
12:09 – Genesis 1.26 is not that clear.
12:59 – Genesis 18.1ff is also not as obvious.
15:33 – How does Moses write of Christ in the book of Genesis?
15:43 – 1 – Moses wrote of the need for Christ.
18:43 – 2 – Moses wrote of prophesies that were to be fulfilled by Christ.
33:15 – 3 – Moses showed us others who were longing for Christ.
35:02 – 4 – Moses wrote of Christ in types and prefigures.
41:49 – What does Jesus mean, “Moses wrote of me…”