What Is The Abomination of Desolation?

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Matthew 24 speaks about of “the abomination of desolation”, what is this speaking to? There are certain passages of Scripture, like Matthew 24, that contain difficulties for us to understand. In this study, Tim considers how we should understand the words, generation, abomination, desolation, and what they mean in the context of Matthew 24.

0:00 – Preview
00:51 – Don’t be scared of anything in the Bible or be insecure if you don’t know it all.
02:18 – Matthew 24, is it one of the most difficult chapters to understand?
05:20 – Let us talk about three words – Abomination… desolation…
08:02 – …generation…
13:41 – What was the sign of Jonah?
15:09 – Matthew 24:36
16:41 – Let us look carefully at things here…
18:36 – There are practical implications in how you understand this passage.
25:33 – Your house is left desolate?
31:13 – At this point in time did they truly know that Jesus was going to die?
38:20 – Who does “this generation” refer to?
47:42 – Then the end will come?
1:00:30 – When are these stones coming down?
1:06:56 – Luke 21
1:17:56 – When does the sign of the son of man happen?
1:26:32 – Christ had a care for his people.
1:27:31 – I challenge you…
1:30:45 – An immediate application and an end times application?