A Startling Message To A Nation In Revival

Category: Full Sermons

What word does God give to a nation in revival? In Zephaniah, we find God’s message to those in the midst of Josiah’s revival, a revitalization that the nation had not seen before. However, what the Lord says is rather startling and reveals a deeper principle that we must not miss out on: God sees us separately, you identify with the church crowd, but where are you at personally?

0:00 – Zephaniah chapter 1.
0:41 – How acquainted are you with Zephaniah?
2:11 – The Lord spoke through Zephaniah during the reign of Josiah.
2:33 – Considering Josiah, 2 Kings 22.
6:10 – What kings did right as David did?
7:40 – Do you think it is possible to live before the Lord as Josiah did?
15:25 – What would God say to a nation like that during a time like that?
16:31 – Listen to the unexpected strong tone of Zephaniah.
20:44 – Main application: Why does Zephaniah say what he says, and how does this apply to us?
32:56 – God sees us separately. Don’t get lost in the crowd.
37:25 – A message to 8-year-olds.
39:17 – Despite all Josiah did, a generation later they were gone.
40:29 – Have humility before the Lord and pursue holiness.
46:30 – Is your faith in decline? Are you away from the Bible?
48:57 – Forsake that which slows you down in this race.
50:12 – Closing prayer.